Due to refrigeration of your elderberry syrup and low melt temperature of tallow, please make sure to bring in your packages upon receiving! Reminder - make sure to refrigerate all elderberry syrup upon arrival! Shipping: We ship orders on Monday each week. FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $50!


Can children take elderberry syrup?

Absolutely, children can consume elderberry syrup. However, our syrup does contain raw honey which should not be consumed by children under one year of age. If your child has allergies or a known medical condition, please consult their physician before use. 


How long do your orders take to ship?

All orders will be fulfilled within 2 business days, with the exception of holidays and times we are away from our farm. You will be notified during checkout if our fulfillment times are delayed for any reason. Our items will be shipped USPS priority mail and UPS.


Does my elderberry syrup need to be refrigerated and how long does it last?

Our elderberry syrup will last up to 90 days in the refrigerator once opened. If you don't plan to use your syrup within 90 days, we recommend freezing it in ice cube trays. We do have a 'best by' date on our syrup.


Is your elderberry syrup organic?

Blubird Acres is not certified organic by the USDA, however, all of our ingredients except for our raw local honey are USDA certified organic.  


What kind of elderberries do you use?

Depending on availability, we use different sources. All of our berries are USDA certified organic. 


How much syrup should I take?

Suggested use is one teaspoon daily for children and one tablespoon daily for adults, and this can be increased when feeling under the weather. Some Taki it daily (year round), and others take it only when they're needing increased immune support.


Should I consult a physician before consuming elderberry syrup?

Elderberries are primarily a food but we do recommend checking with your physician should you have questions regarding its usage. This is especially true if you are pregnant, nursing, or have a specific condition, such as an autoimmune disorder. You should always consult your physician before consuming any new products.


What does BluBird Acres elderberry syrup taste like?

Many say it tastes like Christmas in a bottle. With the combination of herbs/spices and honey, most love the taste. If you or your family does not prefer the taste, you can easily add it to smoothies, applesauce, yogurt, beverages, etc. to enhance or mask the flavor.